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About ShopPro


ShopPro is a cross-border e-commerce independent website product launched by Micronet. It provides overseas independent website SaaS system, precision marketing and butler-style operation services, and provides a full-link digital overseas solution to help Chinese merchants quickly go overseas and build a global brand.

The company's core team members have many years of experience in overseas brand integrated marketing and cross-border e-commerce product research and development, helping overseas merchants to do cross-border business and explore new overseas growth.

About Micronet

Micronet was established in 2005 with over 100,000 registered merchants.It is China's leading enterprise cloud business and marketing solution provider, as well as China's leading precision marketing service provider.

Micronet builds a smart business service ecosystem around business cloud, marketing cloud, and sales cloud, and empowers enterprises to achieve digital transformation through decentralized smart business solutions. The Micronet precision marketing business provides one-stop precision marketing services for advertisers with intelligent algorithms, marketing automation and other technologies and high-quality media sources. The micro-network cloud platform attracts third-party developers by opening up the technical capabilities of micro-network core products, creating a cloud ecosystem, and providing merchants with more application options and better services.

Micronet is committed to helping enterprises transform into digital through products and services, and driving business innovation through technology to make business smarter!


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